Ansel Robateau

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Domain-Drivan Design

Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software


Improving the Design of Existing Code

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

The big ideas behind reliable, scalable, and maintainable systems

Designing Event Driven Systems

Concepts and Patterns for Streaming Services with Apache Kafka

grokking Simplicity

Taming complex software with functional thinking by Eric Normand

Clean Code

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
by Robert C Martin

About Me

I'm a developer manager who has been a full stack developer with 24 years experience in the industry. I have extensive experience with server side software development and data processing. Projects that I have worked on include performance tuning, user interface design, web application development and database administration.  I have also administered projects using AWS services and Google Cloud service.  I am well versed in containerized application development and deployment using kubernetes.

I'm constantly in pursuit of knowledge and look beyond programming languages for solutions that give results.