Github .graphml viewer

Author: Ansel Robateau 7/14/2020


7/15/2020: Published

yEd-GitHub chrome extension

I created a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to view .graphml that's created using the yEd-live graph editor.

I love creating diagrams but creating useful diagrams can be difficult because it's hard to organize the nodes in a diagram in a way that makes sense. So many tools out there force me to arrange them manually. When I found the tools, I was delighted to find that it will organize diagrams automatically.

I started including those diagram files (.graphml) in my Git repositories and uploading them to GitHub. However, viewing those files in the editor is laborious. You have to download the file, open the yEd-live editor and then load the file using the menu. I wanted a way to do this quickly and within the browser.

So I created this chrome extension that makes it easy.

I also published the source code. Go to the link below and you will see how I made this extension.