Alexa or Google Home in the bathroom

Author: Ansel Robateau 3/14/2020Image credit:

The bathroom is one of those places where we finally have some quiet and alone time. It's where we can relax and think about our day. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to talk to Alexa or Google Assistant to listen to music, the news, a podcast or even make notes or get answers while in that quiet space?

At home, I have a Alexa and Google Assistant in almost every room and it's become normal to just bark out orders or ask questions. I even use the morning routine of getting the weather, the morning commute time and the news. But I would love to be able to do that in the bathroom but there is no safe place to put it.

I think that the market for a smart bathroom fan and light is wide open for the taking. If you can combine a quiet fan, header, light and smart speaker, you will be able to make the bathroom smart, fill it with music and help make everyone's day or night a little better.

Just something to think about.